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Artist’s Statement

Creating is my calling! As an artist I have an opportunity and a gift to share my art with as many people as possible, that encourages them to take a moment to reflect, wonder and enjoy.

In 1995 I came out of a telecommunications and photography background to became a full-time artist, welding many kinds of metal into art.  Through the development of my bronze castings, I became motivated to catch that moment that has the breath of life and the tension of motion still alive in it. Sculpting in clay and casting in bronze through the lost wax technique, I could freeze my idea/form in all its momentary beauty.

My sculpture form and style are inspired by several sculptors, especially the works of Jacob Epstein, Henry Moore, Alberto Giacometti, Auguste Rodin, and Frederick Hart. Hart’s style resonates with me because of the passion and the depth of feeling he captures in his work, and Giacometti’s use of elongated and exaggeration of the figure to convey human needs. In my new works I am exploring sculptures that have a lot of movement with an abstract figurative quality. I am more interested in capturing and expressing emotion through a figurative form, but with less anatomical correctness and detail.

I want to always take the opportunity for personal growth through striving to challenge my skill and sensitivity as an artist. Through line, composition, texture, materials, I want to create works of expressive value. The essential purpose and value of my art is to deepen our own sense of humanity through a balance of form and content, to evoke our dreams, deepen our spirituality, and give hope to darkness. The more powerful the representation of the form, the more powerful the questions become. I am committed to this personal search.