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Harmony, Stainless Steel Cubes

Harmony,  Stainless Steel Cubes post image

Harmony, 12’ x 3’ x 3’, stainless cubes.  Vistech Research Park, W. Lafayette, IN. The art call asked for concepts that represented business people working together in a high tech innovative atmosphere, with thoughts on technology companies working together, connected for growth. I proposed “Harmony”, apiece comprised of 12 stainless steel metal cubes of various sizes pivoting around an axis, going to a height of 12 feet. This concept was presented not only as a set of sketches and photo mockups, but also as a physical scale model. Through the model and sketches, conversations could focus on the sculpture’s orientation, placement, and installation. Additional conversations about the piece resulted in fabrication adjustments to account for the environmental (wind) and the human (students possibly hanging on it).