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“We Dreamed of Flight” stainless steel sculpture

“We Dreamed of Flight” stainless steel sculpture post image

“We Dreamed of Flight” symbolizes courage, imagination, determination, through the symbolic form emerging from the dynamic circle of energy. Combining the gracefulness of nature and the principals of aerodynamics, the form is a blend between an agile bird in flight and a sleek sophisticated modern airplane. Through the use of steel and stone, I designed the sculpture to have a futuristic feel combined with a timelessness that connects the past with the future.

The sculpture would be created in stainless steel or cast bronze, and stand any height between 10′ and 20′ and a ring diameter between 8′ and 12′. With custom lighting the sculpture will emit energy and vitality. This work of art would open up new perspectives for staff, clients and visitors, helping to foster creativity through a vibrant and bold sculpture.