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“Yellow Robot Walking Her Little Red Dog”

“Yellow Robot Walking Her Little Red Dog” post image

Yellow Robot Walking Her Little Red Dog was exhibited in The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis  Robots +Us exhibit. The Simon Family purchased and donated the sculpture to the museum.

This work of art was fun to create. It was an off the beaten path kind of project. It evolved from being a high end security stand for a private residence. The form had an entry key pad on the hand and a video camera in the head. That project did not pan out as planned. So, I made changes to the sculpture. One was to replace what an art critique tagged as a “Foreboding looking head”. She made a good point. It was not my intent to make a scary robot. I proceeded to remove the original “scary head” and in its place made a funnier, happier looking robot. I drew inspiration from the robot 5 Alive in the movie Short Circuit. I noticed people were still not connecting to the work as I was hoping. I then came up with the idea of adding the dog. This helped bring in the human element. We can all relate to walking man’s-best-friend.

The sculpture was placed in front of the Indianapolis City Market for over a year. I loved the raw clear metal look, but the clear coat was not holding up in the small welds and oxidation was starting to set in. After that rotation, I removed all the rust and primed and painted the sculpture as you see it today. I chose bright, lively colors that kids would also enjoy. I am very pleased with the final results.

The Robot is made of many different parts from motorcycles, do-dads, gears and special metal items from a manufacturer of precision parts. It weighs close to 400 lbs.