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Surrender, the Ultimate Act of Letting Go

Surrender, the Ultimate Act of Letting Go post image

Surrender is a bronze sculpture about relationships, life, love, and death of loved ones and the ultimate need of letting go of those close to us.

The nakedness of the two forms is symbolic of the vulnerability we feel when confronted with events out of our control. I wanted to express the anguish and sadness felt when faced with the type of loss that resists death’s final grasp of loved ones. The enveloping roots coming from the earth, wrapping around and turning into their bodies, is representative of the final stage of our bodies returning to earth thru the cycle of life.

Surrender’s first impression is of two people dancing, but viewers enjoy the surprise that it is about something much more. We all can deeply empathize with the expressed loss, regrets and longing, which resonate within each of our life experiences. Others have seen the work as a Holocaust sculpture…of the persistence and struggle of the human spirit.

On another level, I also view this as an uplifting sculpture, as the figures, one helping to hold and lift up another, struggle to rise from the ground to move upward and beyond their entanglements and despair.